NCBA Education Savings Account

Education is definitely the key to success. Having a good education is essential in today’s society, but how do you afford it? It is never too early to start saving and the earlier you start the more you save, with the NCBA Education Savings Account. This account is designed to help parents, grandparents, relatives and friends save for a child’s tertiary education. Saving with the Education Savings account is also open to adults who are interested in pursuing short term courses online or here in Anguilla.


  • Higher interest rate than regular savings account
  • Automatic transfers can be made each month
  • Open to persons 30 years and under
  • Minimum annual contribution - US$300.00 or EC$600.00
  • Maximum annual contribution - US$30,000.00 or EC$80,000.00
  • Penalties for withdrawals not associated with education

Application Checklist: Valid Passport, Personal reference for parents, Bank reference for parents

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