NCBA Debit Card FAQs

What is the NCBA Debit Card?

The NCBA Debit Card is your gateway to accessing your designated NCBA account 24/7 via ATM’s and or Merchants locally, regionally and internationally. It allows you quick and easy access to funds at ATMs and also allows you to pay for purchases any time of day or night.

Who can apply for an NCBA Debit Card?

Any NCBA customer operating a chequing or savings account and is over the age of 18 can apply for the NCBA Debit Card. Each customer is allowed one Debit Card per account and up to three accounts can be added to one card. An additional card may be given to a co-applicant.

How can I apply for an NCBA Debit Card?

The NCBA Debit Card is recommended upon opening of any account so signing up is a breeze. If you have been operating an NCBA chequing or savings account without an NCBA Debit Card and would like to apply for the first time, simply visit NCBA and see one of our Customer Service Representatives. Your card will be prepared on the spot.

Is there a fee to acquire the NCBA Debit Card?

There is no annual fee for the use of the NCBA Debit Card, however, there is a transaction fee when used at an international ATM or merchant.

How is the NCBA Debit Card used to make purchases?

The NCBA Debit Card can be used to make purchases anywhere you see the Plus and Visa brand marks that identify debit cards are accepted. Because your NCBA Debit Card is linked directly to your NCBA Checking or Savings account, it is not equipped with a CCV (Card Verification Value) or CSC (Card Security Code) which protects you from online fraud. Therefore, your NCBA Debit Card cannot be used to make online or telephone purchases.

What is the difference between an NCBA Debit Card and an NCBA Credit Card?

The NCBA Debit Card allows you to make purchases using your own money through the bank’s network. The NCBA Credit Card provides you with a “credit limit” which you are expected to pay back at a later date plus interest.

What does PIN mean?

PIN means Personal Identification Number which is assigned to your card by you. Your PIN should remain private at all times and should not be shared with friends or family. You will be allowed to select your PIN when you receive your card. In the event that you forget your PIN, you can still use your card for in store purchases but should immediately come to the Bank and have your card re-pinned to enable you to use the ATM.

What happens if I forget my PIN and enters it incorrectly in the ATM

Entering your PIN incorrect three times at the ATM will result in your card being captured by the ATM.

Is Withdrawal the only function that I can use my NCBA Debit Card for at the ATM?

No, with your NCBA Debit Card, you can perform a variety of functions at our ATMs. You can also make deposits; effect transfers to or from any of your accounts; obtain balance information on your accounts; view transaction history and top up your LIME and Digicel cell phones.

Can I use my NCBA Debit Card overseas?

Yes, your NCBA Debit Card is backed by the Visa brand and therefore, can be used internationally both at ATMs and at Merchants. If you plan on travelling overseas, please advise us before you leave so we may open the parameters granting you access to your funds as most international destinations are restricted for your own protection.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately so we can issue a replacement card.

Is there a fee for a replacement card?

Yes, the fee for a replacement card is US$10.00

How secure is my money with the NCBA Debit Card?

Your money with your NCBA Debit Card is as secure as you make it. Only you should have access to your PIN giving you full control over the use of your card which is a gateway to your accounts. Therefore, it is wise to commit your PIN to memory and not give it to anyone.

Is the NCBA Debit Card better than cash?

While we understand that not every Merchant is equipped to process payment using the NCBA Debit Card or any other Debit Card for that matter, your NCBA Debit Card is deemed better than carrying large sums of cash. Walking around with large sums of cash always puts you at greater risk at being a victim of burglary.

Are there transaction fees for using my NCBA Debit Card?

There is no transaction fee for using the card at any local merchant or NCBA ATM in Anguilla. However if the card is used at another bank’s ATM there is a small transaction fee plus the Bank owning the ATM may also levy a fee for using their ATM. This is normally shown on the screen and an option is usually given as to whether or not you wish to proceed with the transaction. There is also a small fee for using the Debit Card at merchants overseas.

Does the NCBA Debit Card expire?

The NCBA Debit Card expires four years from the date issued. The expiration date for the card is located on the lower right hand corner of the card next to the VISA logo.

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